Pineapple Splash

Federspiel Pineapple Splash.jpeg
Federspiel Pineapple Splash.jpeg

Pineapple Splash

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The pineapple is a type of Bromeliad. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, often given as gifts to those new to the islands.

A fan mentioned that he’d like a painting of a pineapple at the beach and I thought, “what fun!” So I took a pineapple to the beach and took several photos of it up against the waters edge. Amazingly I captured a few photos of a wave crashing over the pineapple right before the force of the wave pushed it over.

When we mix things up, put something different into the stir-fry or wear polka dots and plaids, we take a risk. We stay alive by nudging ourselves outside our comfort zone, even just a little bit. I’m sure some people thought I was crazy, taking photos of my pineapple at the beach. I didn’t care. I honestly didn’t know what it would look like or how much it would make me laugh.

Reach just a little further outside your comfort zone, live a little more!

Original Watercolor: 

  • 6"Hx15.5"W:  $450

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Hx20"W mat (image is 5"Hx10"W)= $55

Limited-edition, Gallery-wrapped, Canvas Giclée prints:

  • Image size: 8”Hx20”W gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas = $250.00
  • Image size: 8”Hx20”W gallery-wrapped, unstretched canvas, ready-to-assemble (stretcher bars not included) = $140.00
  • Image Size: 16”Hx40”W gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas = $625.00
  • Image Size: 16”Hx40”W gallery-wrapped, unstretched canvas, ready-to-assemble (stretcher bars not included) = $400.00

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