Sweetly Scented Plumeria


Sweetly Scented Plumeria

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Plumeria are common in Hawai‘i, their fragrant blossoms gracing trees in many yards throughout the islands. Without our even realizing it, plumeria are often the first thing we notice when our plane lands and we disembark.

The air here is so very soft and smells even more sweetly than the air almost anywhere else. Let these flowers remind you of the islands, bringing you back to us in your dreams and in your waking life.

Original Watercolor:

  • 10.75"Hx7.5"W, Available framed in 1" 11"Wx14"H solid Koa: $395

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 10"Hx8"W mat (image is: 6.75"Hx5"W) = $40
  • 14"Hx11"W mat (image is 10.5"Hx7.5"W)= $55

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