Honu Hawai`i


Honu Hawai`i

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All creatures are individuals, often with similar but distinctively different markings. This Honu has a map of the Hawaiian Islands on his back. The islands from west to east are: Ni`ihau, Kaua`i, O`ahu, Molokai`i, Lanai`i, Kaho`olawe, Maui, and Hawai`i. To pronouce the names of the islands correctly, pause for each of the glottal stops in the names. In other words, pronounce the last “i” as a long “e” at the end of Kaua`i, Lanai`i, Molokai`i, and Hawai`i.

Original Watercolor: SOLD

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Hx10"W mat (image is 5"Hx5"W) = $35
  • 11"Hx14"W mat (image is 7.5"Hx7.5"W) = $50
  • 16"Hx20"W mat (image is 14.5"Hx14.5"W) = $85

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